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About Us



  • Our classes are created to stimulate our little tykes' natural ability to explore and discover new experiences through their senses.

  • Each class is designed to encourage our little tykes to foster a specific sense.

  • We provide our little tykes with a variety of activities that allow them to get their hands "messy" while exploring different textured materials.

  • Aside from developing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, through sensory play, our little tykes' cognitive and socio-emotional development are strengthened as well.

  • They will have the opportunity to imagine, imitate, and express themselves, while increasing their confidence to try new things.

  • Highly skilled early childhood educators, mothers to little tykes, and founders of Tactile Tykes, LLC, Jacqueline Kircher and Chini Anderson, lead the class in an interactive, caring, and fun manner.



  • Jackie and Chini, old friends and founders of Tactile Tykes, LLC, first started having weekly sensory-based play dates with their little tykes after they noticed that there was a lack of sensory-based playgroups for children the same age as their daughters. So what began as simple play dates, came Tactile Tykes, LLC, a sensory-based toddler playgroup for children ages 12-24 months.  

  • Both  Jackie and Chini decided to put teaching on hold after having their children. Jackie has been out of the classroom for 1 year to be home with her daughter, N. While Chini has been a stay-at-home mom for 4 years to daughters, L and S. 

  • Jackie taught as a Special Education teacher at the Lorge School in Manhattan, and P.S. 194 in Brooklyn for a total of 8 years. Jackie was also an adjunct professor in the Special Education Department of CUNY: Hunter College for over 2 years. 

  • Chini has over 8 years of teaching experience. Some of the schools she has worked at are Explorations Preschool in the Philippines, Bank Street Family Center, United Nations International School and House of Little People in Manhattan. 

our mission


  • Our mission is to provide children with an avenue to develop a meaningful understanding of the world around them by using their five senses. We aim to heighten their senses by providing them with experiences that will allow tykes to create, innovate, problem-solve, and form meaningful relationships. 

  • We are committed to helping children build their self-confidence and develop their curiosity in trying new endeavors.